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Ecuadorean adventures [Sep. 6th, 2015|09:21 am]
The ShanMonster
(Written yesterday)
The altitude is making me feel weak and exhausted. Kyle is doing better than I because he can take altitude sickness meds. I cannot as I am allergic to them.

Great frustration this morning at the hotel. We wanted information on interesting things to see within walking distance. The concierge knew nothing. We asked about walking tours, bus tours, or museums, but she had no information. We asked if there was a map we could have. Nope. No maps. I tried looking online, but it was tricky to navigate with just my phone. Eventually, I found a big park within walking distance and we went there. We rode on a paddle boat (I am an abysmal paddle boater), and walked around.

The people of Quito appear to be athletic by default. Lots of runners, martial artists, yogis, people doing calisthenics, football players, etc. plenty of body weight trainers, too, with adult monkey bars and a couple of people setting up a lyra (aerial hoop) in a tree.

We wandered more and found a mall. The most common shop sold athletic/adventure gear.
We wandered more and found a museum just a block away from the hotel. Wonderful handicrafts there. I'll be posting pictures.

Back at the hotel now. I probably won't be going out again today as the altitude has murdered my stamina and left my feet feeling positively battered. We leave for the Amazon in the morning.


Last night we met with our group guide. His name is Carlos and he did not inspire confidence. In fact, just the opposite. Where I had been looking forward to the trip to the Amazon, I am now wondering if we made a mistake. All the optional trips, like going to the hot springs, cloud forest, etcetera, weren't even mentioned, and he made it sound like they're downright unlikely. This journeys were a huge part of what sold me on the trip in the first place. He speaks derogatorily of neighboring nations, and doesn't hugely seem to give much of a fuck as to our questions and concerns. Will I get to see the animal sanctuary or the science centre at the centre of the world? Your guess is as good as mine.

It's Sunday morning now. In a couple of hours, we will be riding a bus of questionable security to Tema in the jungle. It is likely to last ~5 hours and may not have bathroom/lunch breaks. I sure hope I won't need to pee. I'm bringing food with me. Oh yes, pickpockets are common on the bus. Fantastic. I sure hope I can sit with Kyle so we can watch out for one another.

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